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15.01.2009 18:36 Alter: 12 yrs

Youngsters voting for Europe

Ideas, methods and suggestions for the European Parliament Elections 2009

The EP elections in 2009 will fous the attention on the European Parliament and the European Union. Europe is a delicate topic and often hard to impart. Youngsters often say they don’t have enough information concerning the EU. We hope this manual and the newspaper youngstars will spark young people's enthusiasm for European issues. Facing the EP elections 2009, the emphasis of the presented methods and information is on the EP and its elections. We will not blandish Europe but talk about it in complex and also controverse ways. The methods are directed at young people considering their knowledge and attitude and will motivate them to deal with the topics more profoundly. Most of the methods are shorter units that require little previous knowledge. But they can easily be intensified and connected to other parts if you wish to.


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